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    Boys Town New England is offering drop in, office hours right at Agnes Little Elementary School to be a support to parents/caregivers.  Come get FREE parenting advice, resources, learn strategies, and referrals if needed.  Nosotros hablamos espanol. 

    Servicios de interpretacion en espanol para la comunicacion escolar Miercoles de 1 a 3 p. M.  

    Where: Agnes Little Elementary School

                 Main Office Conference Room

    When: Wednesdays from 1:00 pm to 3:00 pm

    Who: Krystel Acosta- Boys Town Consultant [email protected]

    Can't make it in? Use the Boys Town National Hotline- a 24/7 crisis, resource and referral number for KIDS and PARENTS. 

    1-800-448-3000  or visit them online: Boys Town Parenting Page


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    As a student, I will strive to:

    • ·        Believe I can learn and always try my best
    • ·        Attend school daily, ready to learn and on time
    • ·        Leave school daily with all homework and necessary materials
    • ·        Follow our school wide expectations and accept responsibility for my actions and my schoolwork
    • ·        Discuss with my family what I am learning in school and provide them with all school notices
    • ·        Actively participate during class
    • ·        Seek assistance from my teachers, family or peers when help is needed
    • ·        Encourage my family to take part in school-wide activities

    As a parent, I will strive to:

    • ·        Believe my child can learn
    • ·        Send my child to school every day, on time, appropriately dressed and ready to learn
    • ·        Provide school with a way to be reached by phone and mail and notify the school of any changes
    • ·        Provide a quiet place, time, encouragement and support to complete homework
    • ·        Check each child’s folder or agenda and backpack nightly and help the child stay organized bring materials, notices, and    homework back and forth to school.
    • ·        Support my child in following the school wide expectations and follow up at home with positive feedback or discipline when  needed
    • ·        Communicate positively with my child about school, teachers, staff and principal
    • ·        Read with my child for 15-20 minutes each night
    • ·        Attend annual parent-teacher conference
    • ·        Attend school-wide activities and programs offered to help families support the education of their children
    • ·        Be an active partner in my child’s learning and the Agnes Little School community

    As a School Community, we will strive to:

    ·        Believe each child can learn

    ·        Provide a curriculum and classroom environment that challenges all students to reach their highest potential

    ·        Provide purposeful homework that supports the curriculum

    ·        Explain homework guidelines and class expectations for behavior and achievement

    ·        Provide a system that supports student organization and responsibility for homework assignments and school notices

    ·        Communicate on a regular basis with families

    ·        Respect and value the uniqueness of each student and their family

    ·        Support school wide activities and encourage families to actively participate

    ·        Promote a safe, caring and positive learning environment for all students

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