About Our School

Agnes E. Little Elementary School, located in the Quality Hill Historic District of Pawtucket, Rhode Island is an urban, Title I school serving students from kindergarten through sixth grade. The school opened in 1967. This one-story building is located next to Joseph Jenks Junior High/ Jackie Walsh High School. The two schools share a corner campus across from McCoy Stadium

Of the 460 students in attendance, 45.65% are white, 30.65% are Hispanic,21.50% are African-American and 1.5 % is Asian/Native American. Eighty-eight percent qualify for free or reduced priced lunch. 9.56% receive ESL (English as a Second Language) services, and 13.26% receive special education services. There are two self-contained classrooms for special education students, one in grades kindergarten through two, and the other in grades four through six.

The professional staff at Agnes Little consists of one administrator and 22 full time classroom teachers. Additionally, three special educators, four encore teachers (art, music, physical education, and library) and a reading teacher service the school, as well as a diagnostic prescriptive teacher, a speech and language pathologist, a physical therapist, an occupational therapist, a social worker and a school psychologist. A nurse, 4 teacher assistants, a secretary and cafeteria and custodial workers complete the staff. Highly qualified teachers are attracted to this school by the district's extensive professional development program, the in-district graduate level coursework offered each year and the professional development available through the Pawtucket Teachers Alliance.

The school uses a balanced literacy model for English Language Arts instruction and is dedicated to improving instruction in literacy. A three tiered support system embedded in the literacy model offers additional instruction for those students not meeting the standard. Step Up To Writing strategies are incorporated into the English Language Arts curriculum and used across curricular areas.

Little School currently uses both the Growing with Mathematics program (K-5), the Connected Math program (grades 5 and 6), KEMS Program (grade 3-6) which provide standards based problem solving mathematics instruction. We are currently in the process of aligning these programs with the common core math standards. The district's math department has trained all teachers in using these programs and each year provides updated continuing education for staff with the district math coaches. 

The Agnes Little School Improvement Team works hard to focus the school on student performance and continual school improvement. It strives to include and inform all members of the school community in its work. Agnes Little holds a yearly open house in the fall and a School Report Night in the spring. Annual parent conferences are held in December. Additionally, an active PTO supports the school by sponsoring  field trips, an Open House and other family events.

The school provides after school care for students through the COZ (Child Opportunity Zone) program, sponsored through a 21st Century Schools Grant. This program runs four days a week and offers a variety of clubs for students at each grade level. The program also provides homework help and an afternoon snack.


    Student Expectations
    Students at Agnes Little are expected to be:

    • Respectful
    • Responsible 
    • Problem Solvers
    These three behaviors are to be followed in the classroom, recess schoolyard, cafeteria, hallway, arrival/dismissal, and anywhere on school grounds.

    Home School Compact

    Home School Compact


    As a student, I will strive to:

    ·        Believe I can learn and always try my best

    ·        Attend school daily, ready to learn and on time

    ·        Leave school daily with all homework and necessary materials

    ·        Follow our school wide expectations and accept responsibility for my actions and my schoolwork

    ·        Discuss with my family what I am learning in school and provide them with all school notices

    ·        Actively participate during class

    ·        Seek assistance from my teachers, family or peers when help is needed

    ·        Encourage my family to take part in school-wide activities

    As a parent, I will strive to:

    ·        Believe my child can learn

    ·        Send my child to school every day, on time, appropriately dressed and ready to learn

    ·        Provide school with a way to be reached by phone and mail and notify the school of any changes

    ·        Provide a quiet place, time, encouragement and support to complete homework

    ·        Check each child’s folder or agenda and backpack nightly and help the child stay organized bring materials, notices, and homework back and forth to school.

    ·        Support my child in following the school wide expectations and follow up at home with positive feedback or discipline when needed

    ·        Communicate positively with my child about school, teachers, staff and principal

    ·        Read with my child for 15-20 minutes each night

    ·        Attend annual parent-teacher conference

    ·        Attend school-wide activities and programs offered to help families support the education of their children

    ·        Be an active partner in my child’s learning and the Agnes Little School community

    As a School Community, we will strive to:

    ·        Believe each child can learn

    ·        Provide a curriculum and classroom environment that challenges all students to reach their highest potential

    ·        Provide purposeful homework that supports the curriculum

    ·        Explain homework guidelines and class expectations for behavior and achievement

    ·        Provide a system that supports student organization and responsibility for homework assignments and school notices

    ·        Communicate on a regular basis with families

    ·        Respect and value the uniqueness of each student and their family

    ·        Support school wide activities and encourage families to actively participate

    ·        Promote a safe, caring and positive learning environment for all students

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